Dhanauri: A bird habitat amidst urban expansion

Nestled within the floodplains of Yamuna Basin within 15 kms of River Yamuna, Dhanauri wetlands in Greater Noida is a Sarus crane hotspot attracting wide […]


Training Course on Integrated Wetlands Management for Indian Forest Service Probationers

The Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy hosted the first training on wetlands for IFS Probationers of 2019 batch. The two-day course, held over August 31 […]


WISA to host Webinar on “ Wetlands as Ecological Connections in the Central Asian Flyway”

Wetlands International South Asia in collaboration with United Nations Environment Program is hosting a webinar on 2nd September, 2020 on “Wetlands as Ecological Connections in […]


Bihar State Wetlands Authority resolves to update land records by removing wetlands from the ‘wastelands’ category

The Bihar State Wetlands Authority, in their first meeting held on August 28, 2020 under chairmanship of Mr Sushil Modi, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of […]


Workshop on Rapid Wetlands Assessment Tool : 24 July 2020

Wetlands International South Asia in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh State Wetlands Authority hosted a virtual workshop on July 24, 2020. The workshop was held […]


Where Camels Swim: Tale of Kachchh Mangroves

Mangroves, for a majority of Indians, are synonymous with Sundarbans; the largest mangrove forest in the world situated within Ganga -Brahmaputra delta, on the east […]


Urban expansion and its implications on prominent wetlands of National Capital Territory

Wetlands have played a vital role in Delhi’s history. Delhi has been a fortress city since ancient times with an elaborate network of water management […]


Understanding the impact of urbanization on the wetlands of Yamuna floodplains in Delhi-NCR

Wetlands play a vital role in providing an array of direct and indirect ecosystem services. Yet they continue to degrade. Urbanization and the associated land use changes have been identified as the […]


Modelling the Distribution of Smooth-coated Otter using Indirect Evidences

Smooth-coated Otters are small, carnivorous mammals. Their occurrence relates to healthy ecosystems with clean waters and abundant prey. Dearth of scientific information on the species […]


Exploring State of Indian Birds Just Got More Exciting!

Announcing a new feature on the State of India’s Birds website. An option to explore all the 867 assessed species has been added, with the […]