Wetlands International South Asia seeks applications for the following positions: 1) Wetlands International South Asia seeks applications for the position of Communications Officer Wetlands International […]

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Wetlands International is committed to protecting your privacy and using technology that gives you an effective and safe online experience. This Statement of […]


Luc Hoffmann Medal now open for nominations

Wetlands International aims to promote the conservation and restoration of wetlands worldwide. As part of this, we award the Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann Medal for […]


Ecosystem Services Shared Value Assessment for Wetland Catchments

The International Lake Management Committee (ILEC) Japan, in collaboration with Wetlands International South Asia conducted a consultation meet on ‘Lakes-4 and Ecosystem Services Shared Value Assessment’ on […]


Strategy 2015-2025

The work of Wetlands International South Asia is guided by a regional strategy which sets out the organizational priorities and regional targets for the period […]


Natural Capital of Wetlands

Synthesis of the Wetlands Thematic Area of TII (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity India Initiative) The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity – India Initiative (TII) was launched […]


Capacity Development

The inter-connectedness of wetland biodiversity and ecosystem services with developmental planning within their basins and coastal zones, call for adoption of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral management […]


Integrated management planning

Wetlands in South Asia are one of the most embedded and interlinked ecosystems with human livelihoods. Management of wetlands therefore needs to recognize human beings […]


Chilika Newsletter Series

“CHILIKA” is the jointly published newsletter of the Chilika Development Authority and Wetlands International South Asia


Loktak Newsletter Series

“LOKTAK” is the jointly published newsletter of the Loktak Development Authority and Wetland International South Asia.