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Programme Associate (IMWBES)

Sakshi Saini is Programme Associate (Integrated Management of Wetland Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) at Wetlands International South Asia

Sakshi holds a Master’s degree in Wildlife Sciences from Amity Institute of Forestry and
Wildlife, Amity University and Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Miranda House, University
of Delhi. Wetlands, urban ecology, birds and policies form her core areas of interest. She
started her professional journey at GIZ-India as an intern in ‘Wetlands Management for
Biodiversity and Climate Protection’ project under Indo-German Biodiversity Programme.
Her bachelors and masters gave her experience in research and associated aspects but it
was her internship at GIZ which gave her exposure to the other side of the coin which is
conservation and management. There, she developed an interest in policies and gauged a
broader overview of the sector.

She is now intending to merge her research background with policy development and grassroot implementation which is why she has joined as Programme Associate at Wetlands International South Asia in Integrated Management of Wetlands Biodiversity Ecosystem Services’ project. She is keen to work at interface of science and policies especially for wetland conservation and management.

P.S. In her free time, you can find her making doodles, listening music, reading books or
capturing photographs.