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Technical Officer

Dhruv Verma is Technical Officer at Wetlands International South Asia.

Dhruv has over five years of experience in the sector of nature conservation and heritage management. At Wetlands International South Asia, he leads the Himalayan and Biodiversity portfolio of the organisation. He is also coordinating the UNEP-NLRC funded project on Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction for community resilience where wetland-based solutions are devised for implementation and upscaling in Bihar and Odisha. Under the project, he has provided technical inputs for development of a manual on Nature based Solutions for District Disaster Management Planning.

He is the National Coordinator for Asian Waterbird Census, a citizen science programme for monitoring of waterbird count and wetland assessment. With support from BNHS and a network of State Coordinators, he coordinates and manages the annual waterbird counts.

Earlier, Dhruv has worked on conservation of UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites at the UNESCO Category 2 Centre, Wildlife Institute of India.