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Junior Technical Officer-Water Management

Dayadra Mandal is Junior Technical Officer-Water Management with Wetlands International South Asia

Dayadra is highly inclined towards the water sector. The intrinsic, as well as the extrinsic concept of water, fascinates her. In Wetland International, she contributes to the organization by working on the hydrological and water management aspects of wetland management along with Geo-Spatial Analysis.

Dayadra has been interning previously with Wetland international, South Asia, New Delhi, before that she was part of a Green University Project curated by UNEP, she was even a part of WASH Institute as an intern.

Dayadra holds a gold medal in MSc in Water Science and Governance from Teri School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. Her hobbies revolve around music. She also has a lot of interest in exploring various places around the world, especially those which are secluded from the urban jungle but lying amidst nature.