Luc Hoffmann Medal now open for nominations

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Wetlands International aims to promote the conservation and restoration of wetlands worldwide. As part of this, we award the Wetlands International Luc Hoffmann Medal for Wetland Science and Conservation to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and accomplishment in an area of wetland research and conservation, or in sharing their passion for wetlands through raising public awareness.

The award is presented every three years in honour of the late Dr Luc Hoffmann, one of the founders of Wetlands International. We established the award in 2004, echoing Luc’s belief that effective nature conservation activities need to rely on good science, as well as in recognition of his own outstanding achievements in this field. The medal has been awarded six times. Take a look at our website to learn more about these inspiring winners.

We are seeking worthy nominees from around the world for the next award, to be presented in March 2018. The nomination guidelines outline the criteria and rules for nominating. To submit a nomination please complete the online nomination form.

The deadline for submission is 15 January 2018.

The medal will be presented to the winner during an awards ceremony, on the occasion of the Wetlands International ‘Investing in wetlands for Agenda 2030’ Global Members and Stakeholders Meeting which will be held from 4-7 March 2018 in Bhubaneswar, India. The winner will have the opportunity to shortly present his/her work during this event.

Do you know someone who is worthy of this international award? Please consider nominating them through 4 simple steps! If you require any further information or assistance in submitting a nomination, contact [email protected]