Webinar Series: Wetlands Governance- Challenges and Imperatives

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Wetlands, ecosystems at the interface of land and water, have a significant role in ensuring water and climate security, given their role in the water cycle and multiple hydrological functions. The rapid loss of natural wetlands is as much a threat to water and climate security, as is an environmental crisis. Conservation and wise-use of wetlands and preventing loss and degradation of these ecosystems is essential in meeting water and climate security goals, yet is insufficiently considered in policy and planning processes.

Wetlands International South Asia is organising the third webinar of the Silver Jubilee Webinar Series on 25th November, 2021 at 1445 hours (IST) on the theme – Wetlands Governance: Challenges and Imperatives. The webinar will explore the ways in which governance arrangements for wetlands can be aligned to ensure mainstreaming of full range of ecosystem services and biodiversity values in developmental planning in an inclusive manner and ensuring participation of all stakeholders. The 90-minute virtual session will have speakers reflecting on their experiences and recommendations for bringing governance improvements for wetlands to ensure conservation and wise use of these ecosystems.







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Meeting ID: 805 670 3953
Passcode: WISA

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