Training Workshop on Management Planning of Gangetic Floodplain Wetlands in Uttar Pradesh

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Wetlands International South Asia is a technical partner of Uttar Pradesh State Wetlands Authority on matters concerning conservation and management of wetlands. Under a National Mission on Clean Ganga (NMCG) funded project on ‘Conservation and integrated management of River Ganga floodplain wetlands of Uttar Pradesh’, Wetlands International South Asia conducted training workshop on wetlands management planning for forest officials of the twelve districts of Uttar Pradesh falling under the sub-basin Above Ramganga Confluence. The workshop was held on 1st November, 2021 at the Forest Training Centre, Meerut.

The objectives of the training workshop were to introduce wetlands managers to the wetlands management planning, draft priority actions required for management planning in sub-basin Above Ramganga Confluence and Identify priority wetlands for site management planning.

The workshop was conducted in two sessions, wherein in session 1; the participants were presented with the results of data analysis for sub-basin Above Ramganga Confluence and the core concepts of wetlands management planning were discussed. In session 2; exercises were conducted for the development of action plan wherein the participants enlisted the activities required in the management solutions matrix provided, they were also guided in filling the section 7 of the Brief Document and in vetting the health score of the surveyed wetlands. The information thus collated will help devise the sub-basin level management plans for the conservation and management of wetlands and also in preparing SoPs for two wetlands prioritised by the Forest Department in respective districts.

In the coming months, training workshops will be held for the remaining twelve and three districts of the sub-basin Gomti confluence to Muzaffarnagar and sub-basin Ghaghra confluence to Gomti confluence respectively.