Training: Building with Nature to Accelerate Adaptation

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The Building with Nature Asia initiative conducts an online training on 23rd June 2020 for all stakeholders engaged in the development of strategic program on “Implementation of Building with Nature to Accelerate Adaptation”.

Building with Nature is a comprehensive engineering approach that seeks to enhance the use of natural ecological processes to achieve efficient and sustainable water infrastructural designs. It offers solutions for coastal, river, lake and delta environments by making engineering designs sustainable, cost-effective and more adaptable in a world of changing climate, growing population and decrease in available living space.

Building with Nature Asia is a regional initiative convened by Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia and China. The endeavour was initiated by Wetlands International and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in collaboration with EcoShape, One Architecture and the Global Center on Adaptation. The aim of the initiative is to jointly accelerate adaptation by integrating nature-based solutions into water related infrastructure in Asia for building climate resilient landscapes that benefit people and nature.

The key takeaways from the training are:

  • What is Building with Nature and why it can be a leading adaptation strategy
  • The distinct features of Building with Nature concepts, along with example projects
  • The Building with Nature design process from planning to implementation
  • Generic barriers and enablers for Building with Nature solutions
  • Aims and development process of the Building with Nature Asia initiative


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