Revisiting management plan for Chilika

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The ecological restoration of Chilika stands out as a model for wetlands wise use.

Being a dynamic ecosystem, Chilika has undergone several changes in the one and half decades since a new mouth to the Bay of Bengal was opened. The management plan for the Ramsar Site is, therefore, being revisited to ensure that recent changes, such as increased frequency of extreme events, new mouths opened by cyclones, increasing commercial tourism, fish catch nearing sustainable yield levels are brought into the response actions.

Wetlands International South Asia and Chilika Development Authority held a meeting on November 27, 2018 to review the monitoring data for the last five years and develop an action plan for the period till 2025. The meeting was attended by scientists of Chilika Development Authority, representatives of Fisheries, Forests and Wildlife Departments and along with Primary Fishermen Cooperative. The updated management plan shall be completed within three months’ time frame.