Rapidly assessing wetland ecosystem services

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A training workshop on Rapid Assessment of Wetland Ecosystem Services (RAWES) was held at Wetland Research and Training Centre (WRTC) Chilika, Odisha from 11th to 13th November 2019. It was organized by GIZ and Wetlands International South Asia, with latter providing technical support.

Ramsar site managers from different zones of India participated in the training which included classroom sessions at WRTC and field exercises at 9 unique wetland sites, representing different dominant ecosystem services and wetland characteristics. RAWES approach was applied to each of the sites that proved to be an enriching experience for the participants.

The training concluded with demonstration of ways in which the field data could be analysed and presented in the form of results. The participants appreciated the program for building their skill base and acknowledged an increase in capacity to further train other staff members and implement the RAWES approach at their respective sites.

Assessment of ecosystem services at Manglajodi, Chilika