Local Nature-based Solutions for conservation – how communities can make a difference!

Biodiversity is the base of life. The Anthropocene epoch marks humans as the prime drivers of nature degradation. The 2021 theme of World Biodiversity Day […]


Wetlands International condoles demise of Satish Kumar

We at Wetlands International South Asia condole the sudden demise of our beloved colleague Satish Kumar. Satish was a Technical Officer with us, and was […]


Online Training on Eco-DRR/EbA for Ramsar Sites and Protected Areas

Wetland ecosystems can reduce disaster risk and help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. These landscapes (protected areas or Ramsar sites) can play […]


The Nature of Biodiversity: Involving Local Stakeholders for Global Change

Alongside climate change, the unprecedented biodiversity loss due to human activity presents a global emergency. The preservation of biodiversity is essential for meeting global climate […]


Bringing wetlands to classrooms!

Educating youth on wetlands is essential to increase public awareness and initiate conservation action. With the ambition of reaching out to the school community across […]


Capacity development workshop for wetland committees of Sikkim

The hill-state of Sikkim has constituted wetland committees at the local level to provide a multi-stakeholder platform for management of their diverse wetland regime. These […]


Avian Influenza in 2021 – Join the discussion!

A webinar titled, “Avian Influenza in 2021: What we know and what needs to be done”, is being organised on 12 February 2021 from 17:00-18:30 […]


Inseparable: Wetlands Connect Water and Land

The theme of 2021 World Wetlands Day was ‘wetlands and water’ highlighting the inseparability of wetlands and water management in the quest for sustainable development. […]

Concerns on Loktak Lake

Wetlands International South Asia upholds and deeply respects the rights of indigenous people and local communities living in and around Loktak (Manipur), who have time […]


Asian Waterbird Census 2021 in the News!

The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) is part of the global International Waterbird Census (IWC) initiative. This programme supports the conservation and management of wetlands and waterbirds worldwide. Like […]