Films and Lectures bring Wetlands Science closer to students in Mumbai

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With an aim to introduce Wetland science and sensitize college students on the types of wetlands, their functions, values, benefits and associated threats, a guest workshop for college students was organised by Wetlands International South Asia in collaboration with Muse foundation in Mumbai. The workshop on October 18, 2022 for first year B.Sc Home Science students at Dr BMN College of Home Science, SNDT Women’s University in Matunga, Mumbai saw active participation of students together with their mentors.

The session was conducted by Harsh Ganapathi (Senior Technical Officer- Wetlands International South Asia). The presentation included a case study on Thane Creek, a newly designated Ramsar Site that is lined up with mangroves on both sides and plays host to a number of key coastal species ranging from the iconic Flamingos to the Atlantic Fiddler Crabs. Unfortunately, this distinct ecosystem is also highly polluted owing to the increased encroachment and pollution that call out for the need of conservation and management interventions.

A documentary film titled ‘Jewels of Thane Creek: Mangrove Ecosystem’ by Sabyasachi Patra, Mangrove Cell- Maharashtra Forest Department and Indo-German Biodiversity Project on Coastal & Marine Protected Area was also showcased. The film meticulously explained the complex inter-relationship between various species in the Thane Creek and their impact on the ecosystem amidst urban expansion.