Conference on ‘Youth for adaptation and loss and damage’ in Nadiad, Gujarat

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                                                                                            ( An interaction with locals in Gujarat)

A conference on ‘Youth for Adaptation and Loss and Damage’ was held in Nadiad, Gujarat. The three-day conference held from September 23-25, 2022 focussed on climate change pedagogy and capacity building, and peer networking. The Local Conference of Youth India, 2022 endorsed by YOUNGO (Official Youth Constituency of the UNFCCC) was hosted by CEE (Centre for Environment Education), Brahma Kumaris, Enact Earth Foundation and UNICEF India. It was attended by 120 delegates from all across the country coming from diverse professional fields.

Saadan Hussain, Research Assistant at WISA facilitated the session on ‘Loss and Damage: Water and Agriculture’. He elaborated on the effects of climate change on water and agriculture and the role of present activities in accelerating climate change. He also explained the current policy landscape in the field of water and agriculture in India for the delegates. Post this, delegates were divided into groups and the policy recommendations were drafted. The delegates and facilitators visited a village near Anand, Gujrat, and explored the nature-based solutions taken up by the villagers as a measure of a conservation strategy to mitigate the Loss and Damage; Water and Agriculture.