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Junior Technical Officer- Knowledge Base Development

NIkita Mishra is a Junior Technical Officer at Wetlands International South Asia

Meet Nikita Mishra, who describes herself as a passionate environmentalist and a dedicated advocate for the preservation of our planet. With a master’s degree in environmental sciences and a bachelor’s degree in life sciences, Nikita possesses a strong academic foundation that fuels her commitment to environmental stewardship. Her journey in the realm of environmental research has been marked by significant accomplishments, including her expertise in remote sensing using drone technology and Hyperspectral datasets, gained through her work at IESD BHU.

Nikita’s dedication extends beyond academia; she has a rich background in the practical aspects of environmental conservation. Her experience in carbon credits and nature-based solutions within voluntary markets showcases her pragmatic approach to addressing environmental challenges. Notably, she has actively participated in major capacity-building programs for various Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) projects, underscoring her commitment to both theory and practice.

She envisions Earth as our shared home and advocates for the collective responsibility we hold in safeguarding it for current and future generations.

Beyond her impactful work, Nikita finds solace and inspiration in her hobbies. Whether she’s exploring new literary realms through reading, embarking on journeys that broaden her horizons through travel, or finding harmony in the melodies of music, her interests reflect a well-rounded individual dedicated to personal growth and enrichment.