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Junior Technical Officer- Biodiversity

Anil Fartiyal is a Junior Technical Officer ( Biodiversity) at Wetlands International South Asia

Anil Fartiyal holds a Master’s in Environmental Science and a Bachelor’s in Forestry from Kumaun University (Nainital), equipping him with the necessary expertise to address environmental challenges. Anil developed a deep-rooted passion for wildlife and conservation and has over two years of experience in this field.

Before joining Wetlands International South-Asia, Anil was actively involved in the NRCD (National River Conservation Directorate) project at the Wildlife Institute of India. As part of this project team, he was involved in a comprehensive biodiversity assessment of six major rivers in India. His contributions encompassed GIS work, report writing, river surveys and sampling, data analysis, and methodology preparation. Previously, Anil worked as a Research Intern (Forestry) at IORA Ecological Solutions, contributing to the IUCN’s Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM) project. In this role, he played a pivotal role in identifying degraded landscapes in various Indian states and assisted in developing an exhaustive list of Forest Land Restoration techniques.

Beyond his professional endeavours, he loves playing Basketball and is an ardent enthusiast of photography, trekking, hiking, and birding.