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Reducing disaster risk by restoring wetlands in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali

The 1.4 million people who depend on the Inner Niger Delta in Mali suffer increasingly from low water levels in the Niger River, which flows downstream into the delta. We are working to address the growing upstream water diversions for irrigation and hydropower, and help downstream communities adapt to sustain their livelihoods.

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Waterbird Population Estimates Database

The Waterbird Population Estimates (WPE) online database provides current and historic estimates, trends and 1% thresholds for over 800 waterbird species and 2300 biogeographic populations worldwide. This project has been developed by Wetlands International with the support of Environment Canada and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Visit the Waterbird Population Estimates Database

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Ramsar Conference, Bucharest

The Ramsar Conference (6 - 13 July 2012 in Bucharest, Romania) offered an opportunity to strengthen and extend the reach of the Convention to achieve improved wetland conservation and management. We attended the conference with a team of experts from our global network and engaged Contracting Parties and partners to achieve these objectives. 

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Research for a healthy Inner Niger Delta, Mali

The Inner Niger Delta (IND) is one of the largest seasonal floodplain wetlands in the world, running 400 km along the Niger river from Mopti in central Mali to the famed city of Tombouctou (Timbuktu), on the edge of the Sahara Desert in the north. This inland delta of rivers and marshes supports nearly two million people directly with fish, pasture and fertile land for rice paddies and other crops It is also a wetland of international importance for the millions of birds that depend on it. It is threatened by poor water management and a changing climate. 

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Wetlands and Livelihoods Programme

This programme focused on the mainstreaming of sustainable wetland management principles and practice into the development of poverty reduction strategies through local and international partnerships in DAC1 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It did so by enhancing of existing and supporting development of new policies at local, national and international levels, with specific inclusion of the water and health sectors and by ensuring due attention to the need for equitable development.


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African Waterbird Census

Wetlands International produces the African Waterbird Cencus. The organisation is the only source of structured information about African waterbird populations.

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Gestion intégrée des fleuves critiques en eau

De l'eau pour les écosystèmes (Water for Ecosystem). Ce projet concerne le delta intérieur du Niger au Mali.

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Voies de migration AEWA-GEF 2004-2009

Accroitre la conservation du réseau de sites requis par les oiseaux d'eau migrateurs sur les voies de migration Afrique-Eurasie. Les pays concernés par ce projet sont le Nigeria, le Sénégal, l'Afrique du Sud, la Tanzanie,la Turquie, le Yémen.

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Intégration de la biodiversité des eaux douces dans le processus de développement en Afrique: Collecte d’informations et sites de démonstrations

La Commission de la sauvegarde des espèces de l’UICN a reçu de la Commission européenne un financement pour le projet « Intégration de la biodiversité des eaux douces dans le processus de développement en Afrique : collecte d’informations et sites de démonstration.

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Les dénombrements d'oiseaux d'eau en Afrique - DOEA

Les dénombrements d'oiseaux d'eau en Afrique sont un réseau dynamique et en expansion, englobant des personnes très diverses qui vont des groupes communautaires locaux aux personnels des aires protégées, et des étudiants des universités aux chercheurs chevronnés. Le réseau couvre également une mosaique de pays avec partout un intêrêt commun pour les zones humides et les oiseaux d'eau.

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