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Eco-life fair exhibition booth 2010 "Blessings of Wetlands"

It was our 5th year to take part in this event. This booth aimed to raise awareness about the Ramsar Convention and wetland functions. It was organized jointly by the Ramsar Centre Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Environment.

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Tidal Flat Survey at Locals' Participation

For surveys of tidal flats, it is essential to carry on a long-term and frequent surveys to capture the regular changes and diversity of these habitats. However, the wide diversity of tidal flats has prevented many non-specialists from participating in the survey. This project by WI-Japan proposes to establish a survey method through citizen-based participation, and has involved preparation of an illustrated survey guidebook on tidal flat benthos, and hosting of public workshops and organisation of both orientation and as trial surveys. It is our third year, where we conduct three workshops in eastern Japan.

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Survey and workshops: Wise use of wetlands

This project aims to determine the current state of wetlands in Japan and to promote their wise use. To date, nine Japanese Ramsar sites have been surveyed; evaluation criteria for wise use have been developed and a workshop has been held at the Katano-kamoike Ramsar site.

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Lecture series: The network of riparian ecosystems (Japan)

This is a series of lectures on riparian ecosystems in Japan conducted during October 2006 through March 2006 once every month.



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