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Managing Floodplains of River Yamuna in Delhi Stretch

Study on River Yamuna floodplains in Delhi stretch carried by Wetlands International – South Asia highlighted its critical role in groundwater recharge, water quality improvement and enhancing biodiversity. The study recommends integration of floodplains into river basin management through water allocation for human and ecological purposes, sustainable use, participatory management and monitoring and evaluation.

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Conservation and Sustainable Development of Vembanad Kol Wetlands, Kerala

Vembanad Kol located within backwaters of Kerala is essentially a brackish water system bestowed with unique biodiversity which provides livelihood support to a large community depending upon its resources for their sustenance. The wetland system has been hub of the economic activities due to its location within the largest urban and industrial agglomeration in Kerala. It is also favoured destination for foreign and domestic tourists for recreation.

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Post-tsunami restoration of coastal ecosystems in the Maldives: restoration and education component

This project supports environmentally and socially sustainable development in the Maldives based on the principles of environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction. This project is being carried out together with our Indonesian Programme.

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Central Asian Flyway interim coordination

Wetlands International has been the driving force behind the development of the 'Central Asian Flyway initiative', carried out in cooperation with 30 states in Central Asia. The initiative is pushing for better protection of migratory waterbirds and the wetlands they depend on. Now after some years we achieved improved inter-governmental cooperation on the protection of waterbirds and their key habitats.

Wetlands International provides the interim coordinator and secretariate for this flyway.

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Balancing water use for hydropower and biodiversity in Loktak Lake, India

Our work in Loktak Lake, Manipur State of India focuses on the developing and implementing of a water allocation strategy that balances the use of water for hydropower generation and biodiversity habitat.

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National training course for wetland managers

This project provides training on integration of hydrological processes into wetland management for wetland managers.

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Global agriculture and wetlands initiative

This project develops guidelines on wetlands and agriculture to assist managers and policy makers worldwide address the challenges they face. This project is being carried out together with our South Asia office.

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Himalaya project (HimalWet)

This project aimed to develop an information base for wise use of Himalayan high altitude wetlands through integrated water resource management. An inventory of high altitude wetlands based on remote sensing data was developed together with a system of vulnerability assessment mapping. Based on these, a concept for an integrated management strategy for the region was also developed.

This project was carried out in Nepal, India, China and Bhutan through our offices in India and China.

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Wings over Wetlands (WoW)

This project aims to improve the conservation status of African-Eurasian migratory waterbirds by assisting countries to conserve key wetland areas. The project takes place in 118 Asian, European and African countries along the African Eurasian Flyway.

In this region, we have identified the critical network of wetland sites (for a total of 3,020 sites) for migratory waterbirds.

We train people and raise awareness about the conservation and wise use of migratory waterbirds and the wetlands they use. Demonstration projects are implemented to provide good examples.

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Task Force Avian Influenza and Wild Birds

Wetlands International is a major partner in the global Avian Influenza and Wild Birds Task Force.
The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) colead the Task Force, relying heavily on technical input from Wetlands International. Two representatives and one associate expert from Wetlands International are members of the Task Force.

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