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Welcome to the website of the South Asia Programme of Wetlands International, the only global NGO dedicated to sustaining and restoring wetlands. This is the subsite for the South-Asia region (India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan) of the global site www.wetlands.org. This sub-site is maintained by our office in New Delhi, India.

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Asian Waterbird Census 2016

Please participate in the 30th Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) 2016. The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC)is part of the global International Waterbird Cen...

Management Planning Framework of Chilika released by Chief Minister, Government of Odisha

Mr. Naveen Patnaik released the management planning framework for Lake Chilika in a special event held on October 20, 2012 at Bhubaneswar in the prese...

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