Working for Wetlands International

Wetlands International has currently about 150 members of staff working worldwide at our  offices. Besides our staff, thousands of people support us as experts or as volunteers involved in monitoring waterbirds.

A photo of our staff would reflect that we are indeed a global organisation. At our regional and national offices, almost all the staff are natives of  the region where the office is situated. At our headquarters, we have staff from all over the world.

We are proud to be an organisation where people from various parts of the world, despite their wide variation in lingual, religious and cultural backgrounds are working together in such good harmony.


Many of our staff are experts in wetland related technical and social issues whith which we are dealing. We employ hydrologists, biologists, economists and social science experts.

Being an organisation which mainly works with projects, we also employ project managers with the necessary experience needed in our line of work and last but not least the crucial finance and operations staff.

Interns and volunteers

Besides paid staff, we also offer job opportunities within our offices for interns and volunteers who wish to support our work and at the same time get on the job experience. We always welcome people who wish to support our global bird monitoring programmes.

On the right, you will find the present vacancies at our office. Click here for a global list of vacancies. Volunteers and interns are invited to contact us if they wish to support our projects as we have often unpaid positions that we do not advertise.

The 150 members of staff of Wetlands International work all over the globe to protect national, regional and intercontinentally connected wetlands

Wetlands International South Asia Office works in many of India's wetlands