Organisation and Governance

Our organisation

Wetlands International has currently around 150 members of staff, stationed at our headquarters, 12 national and regional offices and several project offices all over the world.

Our network of approximately 1000 specialists advises and helps us on different issues. Around 15.000 volunteers help us by providing data through monitoring and counting millions of waterbirds.

Wetlands International works with local communities, such as here in the Green Coast Project in India after the Tsunami.


Wetlands International is a non-profit, global organisation supported by government and non-governmental organisations from all regions of the world, varying from South America to the Russian Tundra and Fiji Islands.  


Wetlands International has government and non-governmental members. About 35 governments are members and their numbers are growing. The Association of Members is made up of delegates of our members, partners, Specialist Group coordinators and Counsellors of Honour. The Association of Members appoints the Board of Directors and approves the strategy of the organization.

Board of Directors

The Association of Members appoints a Board of Directors. The members of this Board are at the same time the Supervisory Council. This Supervisory council oversees the implementation of the strategy and appoints the CEO.

The CEO is responsible for the day to day implementation of our Strategy, working together with Heads of Office and a Global Support Team.