Mission and views

Wetlands International’s mission is “to sustain and restore wetlands, their resources and biodiversity for future generations”.

What our mission means for our daily work

Our mission is the 'umbrella' for all our activities. The mission is translated into four goals and 12 targets for the period till 2014. These targets are the compass for our daily work. You can read about our targets in the strategic intent 2005-2014.
Wetlands International is a science-based organisation. We are a source of information on key issues affecting wetlands and on priority actions for their conservation and wise use. We attain our knowledge through scientific analyses and our own experience. By proving this information and advocating our science-based views, we work on improving corporate and governmental policies, conventions and treaties.

Field work

We also work in the field, ‘making our feet wet’ on wetland protection and restoration. We conduct field projects to protect and restore specific wetlands, but also to use these as demonstration projects. In this way we show governments and local people the importance of these areas and how they should be managed.

Guidelines for our work

In carrying out our work through all our offices and with partners, Wetlands International maintains the following core values. 

  1. Our work is globally relevant
  2. Our work is based on sound science
  3. We work through partnerships with a wide range of sectors
  4. We respect traditional values and knowledge
  5. We work in a transparent and accountable way